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Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series



The Mobil Vactra™ Oil Numbered Series* are premium-quality lubricants designed to fully meet the requirements for accuracy and parts finish of today's high production machine tools. They are formulated from high-quality base stocks and performance balanced with a progressive additive system that provides low frictional properties and excellent corrosion protection. A unique advanced additive package helps reduce stick-slip and chatter under thin film, boundary lubrication conditions. This allows smooth, uniform motion at design travel speeds. The Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series* have been optimised to provide good separability from many aqueous coolants while minimising the corrosive effects of high pH coolants on lubricated surfaces.

The base stocks and additive package have been carefully selected to protect slides and ways while still providing good filterability. This is important because reduced flow or plugged applicator filters will increase stick-slip, chatter and wear. The metal-wetting and adhesive agents form uniform films that resist squeezing from way surfaces while the machine is not in operation.



  • Mobil Vactra Oil No. 2 is recommended for horizontal slideways on small to medium size machine tools. It is also suitable for flood application in large machines
  • Mobil Vactra Oil No. 3 is recommended for dual-purpose gear and way lubrication systems
  • Mobil Vactra Oil No. 4 is the normal recommendation for large machines where way pressures are high or good precision is required. It is also recommended for vertical and inclined slideways where drain-down can be a problem
  • Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series can be used for lubrication of ballscrews, linear guides, headstocks, translating screws, spur and bevel gears, and lightly loaded worm gears
  • Applications where conventional mineral oil contamination of the aqueous coolants shortens coolant batch life


Product name ISO VG

Mobil Vactra Oil No 1
Mobil Vactra Oil No 2
Mobil Vactra Oil No 3
Mobil Vactra Oil No 4



Mobil Vacuoline 1400 Series


Mobil Vacuoline 1400 Series oils are extra high performance lubricants specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of machine tools that use one oil for both hydraulic systems and way lubrication. They are formulated using high quality mineral base oils and a unique additive technology that provides excellent lubricity properties to eliminate stick-slip and chatter of heavily loaded and vertical box ways. They exhibit a high degree of oxidation and thermal stability that increases the service life and helps keep lubricated surfaces clean and free from corrosion or deposits that could detract from finished parts quality and accuracy. Mobil Vacuoline 1400 Series provide the optimum balance between these divergent requirements.

These products are the result of an innovative technology to meet the low frictional properties required to assure acceptable production levels of quality parts with minimum downtime in today's high output machine tools. They exhibit the ability to inhibit oxidation and the formation of lacquers and deposits on ways and in hydraulic systems while providing excellent load-carrying performance to control component wear and extend equipment service life.



  • Machine tools with a common system for hydraulics and way lubrication
  • Applications where cross-contamination of way lube with hydraulic oil can result in poor performance
  • Machinery with separate systems for ways and hydraulics where one oil is desirable for both systems
  • Areas where conventional mineral based lubricants are not adequately protecting way surfaces


Product name ISO VG
Mobil Vacuoline 1405
Mobil Vacuoline 1409
Mobil Vacuoline 1419




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