Product Description

Mobil ATF SHC is a superior performance synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed to meet the demanding requirements of automatic transmissions operating in the severe, high-temperature, and heavy load applications. The inherently high viscosity index and stability of Mobil ATF SHC protects against thermal breakdown at high operating temperatures enabling outstanding low temperature performance at ambient temperatures below "40ºC.

Features and Benefits

Mobil ATF SHC combines high performance synthesised hydrocarbon base oils with a balanced additive system to provide a significantly higher level of performance versus conventional fluids. This automatic transmission fluid ensures long fluid life, improved transmission cleanliness, excellent shift performance and extended transmission life under all operating conditions and performance levels. Key features and benefits include:

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Enhanced, long-term frictional properties Improves and extends transmission efficiency, smooth shifting performance and potentially fuel savings
Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability Keeps transmissions clean to extend life and performance even under severe operating conditions
Outstanding film-strength and anti-wear properties Significant wear reduction and longer transmission life
Excellent low-temperature fluidity Provides prompt and reliable lubrication at ambient temperatures below "40º C
Exceptional shear stability Viscosity retention even under the severest heavy duty, high temperature operating conditions
Compatible with mineral ATF fluids and all common seal materials Reduced concern in top-off emergencies and excellent leakage control


Mobil ATF SHC is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in modern high performance transmissions operating in the severe, high-temperature, heavy load or cold climate applications. It is ideal for manual transmissions designed to operate with ATF fluids, where it will provide excellent gear shifting and protection under severe operating conditions.

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