Engineering Service

Sutaiyo engineers are trained and certified by ExxonMobil. Our knowledgeable engineers have a strong reference in supporting customers in implementing lubrication practices to extract peak performance from their machinery. We work closely with ExxonMobil engineering team to make use of an extensive range of engineering programs. Our specialists will also work with customers to identify their needs and problems, institute programs and procedures to improve efficiency and streamline maintenance processes. 

We conduct a survey of the plant that includes the development of a complete lubrication action plan and lube oil specifications. This will help you to ensure that the lube oil and lubrication maintenance is being used correctly and fulfills your business needs. Our objective is to help customers increase their profitability in the long run, ensuring that equipment life is increased, machine downtime is reduced, oil drain intervals are extended and lubricant waste is reduced.

Our service propositions include:

  • Plant Survey
  • Correct Lubrication
  • Used Oil Analysis Program
  • Hydraulic Inspection
  • Gear/ Bearing Inspection
  • Training Services

Need some experts advice about which are the most suitable industrial lubricants for your machinery requirements?

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