Productivity Improvement Program

Our business mission is to provide lubricants solutions that ensure the sustainable benefits to the customers. Not only we offer high quality of premium lubricants, we also provide customers with highly experienced engineers to facilitate reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity. We have created our value roadmap in order to ensure that our values are successfully delivered to the customers.

Sutaiyo Value Roadmap is a proactive approach that our engineers will coordinately implement with customers in increasing their productivity and operational efficiency. Our specialists will be working with customers, ensuring that our values are successfully delivered through following the value roadmap as the following steps: 

1. Situational Analysis: Assessment of business conditions.
2. Value Propositions: Present lubricant solutions, cost and related services, and customer benefits.
3. Value delivery: Implement lubricant solutions to achieve sustainable benefits.
4. Value Measurement: Ensure achievement of estimated benefits.
5. Value Sharing: Share value created through proof of performance. 

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