Sutaiyo Industries 


On/Off Highways Lubricants Products

Mobil offers exceptional lubrication performance and are well suited for an extensive array of diesel-powered commercial vehicles for both on- and off-highway use in industries such as transportation, mining, construction and agriculture. 

Using the best lubricants in the right amounts at the appropriate intervals across the entire drivetrain is a smart way to reduce your long-term costs.

  • Engine oil: Premium synthetic blend diesel engine oil can increase oil drain intervals (ODIs) beyond those recommended by OEMs.
  • Transmission fluid: Synthetic transmission fluid protects against dirt and deposits and prolongs seal life.
  • Grease: Premium grease helps vehicles stand up to the punishing wet road conditions that cause rust and corrosion.
  • Gear oil: Synthetic gear oil—a lubricant that fleet managers often overlook—helps protect against axle damage that can cost thousands of dollars per vehicle.
  • Coolant: Premium coolants help prevent engine downtime, which experts attribute to cooling system problems 40% of the time.