We offers different grades of diesel, fuel oil and Kerosene. Serve our customers with a consistent and safety delivery system.

Refueling Service

Sutaiyo offers a supplying service for their consumers who additionally want fuel emulsions for machinery, which works remotely with a central fuel vessel – for example, construction locations and giant civil contracts.  This expanded level of facility facilitates customers with exceptional command over their machine supplying, so that means they will flip their focus on the other requirements of their engaged and complicated sites. It conjointly means they do not have to be compelled to think about the safety and consent measures that total fuel storage needed temporarily. 

Diesel and Fuel Oil Delivery

Sutaiyo is specialized in passing on fuel to its large number of diverge customers. We provide immersive diesel consignments to factories, civil contractors, transport firms, mines, ports and quarries. In case, you may need the accommodation of on the spot fuel transmission, a reliable provider to maintain your efficiency, communicate with us.

Types Of Fuel:

Sutaiyo tankers’ formation make it possible to distribute various levels of fuel at any time. We have a tendency to supply the following fuels in mass delivery:

Convenient Onsite Fuel Delivery

A well-integrated order control system is used as a back-up for fuel delivery facility, where we deal with all forms of consumers’ requests that is started when you place an order and ended at your fuel tank. Incidentally, if you want fuel tank solution, we are able to facilitate thereupon too.

Fuel Tanks

Tailored recommendation to seek out, fill and sustain fuel storage tanks. Sutaiyo provides recommendations and control for each industry as well as for storage in fuel tanks. Fuel storage tanks are well-maintained, which ensure the quality of fuel. Sutaiyo does not compromise its fuel quality with poor storage surroundings. It is recommended for you to start your work with us through an effective storage, allocation, as well as fuel management solutions. We will assist you supply, give legal recommendations and manage effective licenses demands, keep regular fuel tanks.