General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing

Sutaiyo expect to build the main difference to your company, persistent for collaboration and by sharing the profits of our results and services for helping you to your profitability.

Common applications used in general industrial plants are cylinders, spindles, slideways, gears, and hydraulics. Over time, lubricants used to decrease friction and prevent wear can be polluted by solid air, water, or particles. This decreases the lubricants' property, and it will not be able to protect the equipment anymore. Other issues that arise are building up of friction, increasing the temperature, and generating wear and tear. This leads to an increase in downtime, equipment maintenance costs, and a decrease in productivity.

Concentrating on reliable performance and sustainability, the main goal of maximizing overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is the most important.

Sutaiyo aims to make a big difference to your business, continue working together, and share the advantages of our solutions and services to help you improve your productivity.

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