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Greases Flagship
Mobil SHC Polyrex Series The Mobil SHC™ Polyrex series of greases are specifically designed to improve your productivity by solving high temperature lubrication problems in both general industry and food processing applications. Mobil SHC Grease 460 WT Our Mobil SHC™ Grease 460 WT synthetic grease is designed to protect wind turbine equipment operating at high and low temperature extremes, including lubrication of yaw, pitch and main bearings. Mobilith SHC Series Our Mobilith SHC™ Series multipurpose greases are high-performance synthetic lubricants developed to protect equipment in severe applications operating at extreme temperatures. Mobilith SHC PM Series Mobilith SHC™ PM greases are superior performance products designed specifically for severe paper machine applications, including extreme temperature environments and exposure to different qualities of water. Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 was developed in collaboration with key OEMs more than a decade ago to ensure exceptional performance and help improve equipment reliability. Mobilgrease 28 Mobilgrease 28 grease – the first synthetic product Mobil™ offered – has been trusted for more than 50 years. With a 10-year shelf life, it offers more than three times the life of similar-type competitive greases. Mobilgrease 33 With a 10-year shelf life – offering more than three times the life of similar-type competitive greases – Mobilgrease 33 grease helps our partners optimize their shelf-life management programs, enabling potential cost savings. Mobiltemp SHC Series Mobiltemp SHC™ Series products are supreme performance antiwear greases primarily intended for high temperature applications.
Greases Premium
Mobil Beacon 325 BEACON™ 325 is a high performance grease specifically formulated for the lubrication of precision equipment operating at moderate and low temperatures. Mobilgrease FM Series Mobilgrease™ FM 101 and FM 222 are high performance multi-purpose products designed specifically for the lubrication of food processing machinery. Mobilgrease XHP 220 Series Mobilgrease XHP™ 220 greases are extended service lithium complex greases intended for a wide variety of applications and severe operating conditions. Mobilgrease XHP Mine Series The Mobilgrease XHP™ Mine products are specifically designed for the lubrication of extra heavy-duty off-highway and mining equipment. Mobilgrease XHP 460 Series If your applications run under demanding operating conditions like high temperatures and extended relubrication, Mobilgrease XHP™ 460 Series greases can help achieve top performance. Mobilgrease XHP 681 Mine Mobilgrease XHP 681 Mine, a member of the Mobilgrease XHP family, is a highly specialized grease engineered to handle the lubrication demands of off-road equipment used in the mining industry. Mobilgrease CM Series Mobilgrease CM Series products are a family of extra high performance extreme-pressure greases. Mobilgrease CM-P and CM-S are NLGI Grade 2, while Mobilgrease CM-W and CM-L are NLGI Grade 1. Mobil Dynagear Series The Mobil Dynagear Series of premium performance open gear lubricants is designed to provide outstanding protection of heavily loaded open gear sets exposed to a wide range of operating conditions. Mobil Polyrex EM Series Super-premium Mobil Polyrex™ EM Series greases are specially formulated for electric-motor bearings. Unirex N Series UNIREX™ N greases are premium-quality, lithium-complex products suitable for high-temperature service in rolling-element bearings. Ronex MP RONEX™ MP is a lithium complex, mineral oil based multipurpose grease that can be used in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.

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